I observe the discarded parts of my surroundings. I examine stuff thrown in a garbage bin and a ruined house that no one ever fixed. I detect the abandoned, the trash; the things that no longer are considered appropriate in the context where they used to exist.  Like a contemporary archaeologist I investigate the city by following traces and marks from human activities. A lost shopping list gives a hunch of an activity and a sneak peek into the private sphere of someone unknown.

I collect some of the objects and materials that I find and sew them together to textile collages. I focus on the texture and colour of the assembled elements to make a composition and by embroidering on top of them I connect and unify their different surfaces. I accentuate and develop some of the existing stains and patterns made naturally from dirt and mould and add stitches to create new shapes and forms.

Video and sound are mediums that, in a greater extent, allow me to bring the urban landscape with me into the studio. I record my discoveries and edit the documentation in a way that is related to how I approach the textile techniques. I add layer upon layer like a collage; moving images of a construction site and a mouldy corner of a bathroom are screened on top of each other, travelling to the sound of a demolishing house. By zooming in on the movements of a changing city I want to show the often forgotten or unwanted parts of our surroundings.

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