Video presented at the exhibition Qualia in Galleriet at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, May 2017.

Participants of the exhibition: Ellen Skafvenstedt, Jenny Käll and Carolina Andreasson.


Fluttering plastic, Flickering feathers, Struggling motions, Trying to fly

Mould is growing, House is breaking, Wind is moving, Fly away


A plastic bag is stuck on a fence. Flickering in the violent wind it appears as if it is trying hard to escape. But the fence’s metal grid is a birdcage keeping the thin artificial wings from flying away.

The bird is often used as a symbol of freedom. Maybe because a free bird has the ability to travel over fences and boarders and out from closed areas. A broken bird is on the other hand a reminder that everything can be curtailed.

Some birds have adjusted their lives to survive in an urban environment and to benefit as much as possible from human beings. They have changed their diets to live of our trash and leftovers and to eat junk food by our sides. Pigeons, crows, magpies and seagulls. Some are dirty and hurt and seem to be indifferent to the city life around them. Returning the gesture, the city shows the birds the same lack of interest.

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